Commercial Property Finance
While the majority of media and public attention is on lending for residential properties, we recognise the needs of customers looking for commercial lending solutions. That’s why we offer a suite of products with a range of features and options tailored specifically for customers looking to borrow funds for a commercial venture.

Breakaway Finance Group provides loans for all types of commercial properties, for acquisition or refinance for owner occupation or investment. This covers the likes of small strata offices for an individual, to large multi-unit or high rise. This includes retail projects, covering large shopping centres, neighbourhood shopping centres and stand-alone shops.

Loans are structured for each client's requirement on either Interest Only or Principal and Interest facilities, negotiated with well-established lenders with whom we have a strong affiliation.

Full Documentation loan
Full Document Commercial loans provide the most competitive rates and fees in the market due to the requirements needed to be fulfilled to qualify for these types of loans, which can include the last 2-3 years financials / tax returns.

Low Documentation loan
Low Documentation loans are designed for borrowers who don’t have their financials up to date however can demonstrate serviceability through an Accountants and/or Self-Certification of Income which is broadly supported by the last 6-12 months bank statements.

The less reliance on financial information required generally results in a slightly higher interest rate, although Breakaway Finance Group does have access to very competitive Low Documentation loan rates.


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