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Debt & Cash Flow Management
The foundation of any form of wealth creation is cash flow or, better yet, the effective use of cash flow. Cash flow management is the core to your financial fitness.

The fundamental basis of creating financial prosperity is to spend less than you earn! The majority of people live to their means and many well beyond their means.

The development of any successful plan in order to build wealth is to know what you are spending and to determine your overall financial capacity. From there we can help you develop an appropriate plan to help you achieve your short, medium and long-term goals.

As part of this process, it is also important to determine, understand and manage debt. We can develop a personalised strategy to help you eliminate bad debt and use good debt sensibly, to help you build wealth. If required, we can help you refinance and/or consolidate your debt through our lending services.

Below are some strategies we can use to help you manage your debt and cashflow more effectively:

Budgeting and Cash flow strategies: we can help develop an appropriate budget and then implement strategies which will help you manage your money with the view of creating wealth.

Debt Reduction strategies: whether it’s too much credit card debt or a desire to own your home before, we can develop a tailored debt management strategy to wipe years and many thousands of dollars off your debts.

Debt Recycling: can't decide whether to pay off your mortgage sooner or start investing? We can show you a tax effective strategy to allow you to do both by building an investment portfolio which will help you reduce your mortgage much sooner than you would think.

Investment gearing: once your cashflow and debts are under control, we can develop a tax effective investment strategy to help you leverage your wealth creation.

At Breakaway Finance Group, we will help you create a regular savings habit that will change your life.


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